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Take the first steps towards building your dream space.
Searching for an Architect in Sheffield? Milestone Builders can help, with specialist architectural design services across South Yorkshire. Whether it’s an extension on your home or a completely new build, we’ll work with you to create the best designs possible with your budget in mind.

Going above and beyond many Architects, we combine architectural vision and expertise with invaluable know-how and experience of construction methods. The result is a design that’s visually flawless, functionally outstanding and absolutely perfect for your requirements and budget.
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If you’re planning an extension or a new-build house, you’ll no doubt have your own requirements, preferences and of course the all-important budget. Architectural design is a vital step to put these specifications into something you can really visualise and build.
At Milestone Builders, we believe it’s you that sets us apart. It’s your vision we aim to create. Your dream living space we want to design. Your time and money we want to save. To do that, we provide a truly personal service from your initial idea to the perfect, polished design.
  • Step 1 - Consultation
    The first step of every project is an in-depth consultation. To create flawless designs, we need to understand your requirements like the back of our hand. Our friendly local architecture specialists will welcome you with open ears, adding our insight when we can to help you fine-tune your wonderful vision.
  • Step 2 - Design
    We’ll create architectural designs that take your ideas one step closer to becoming a reality, down to the finest detail. Your designs will combine vital architect know-how with invaluable expertise from 20 years of construction experience. In short, that means there’s no chance of them being impractical or over budget when it comes to building.
  • Step 3 - Perfection
    With Milestone Builders, it’s not a case of take it or leave it. We’ll work with you to adjust designs until they’re exactly what you’re after. Our designs also include specialist insights to highlight how you could save money or improve efficiency by making small tweaks – helping you achieve more for less.
  • Step 4 - The next steps
    Once your designs are ready to go, it’s up to you what happens next. With a network of trusted contractors and a wealth of experience in project management, our team will be on hand should you need any more assistance. That said, there’s absolutely no obligation and you’re free to use your immaculate designs however you see fit.
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Having worked on countless outstanding architecture projects in Sheffield, Milestone Builders can help you take the first steps towards your incredible new home or living space. Based at the heart of South Yorkshire, we can provide a personal service for residential clients across Rotherham, Barnsley, Matlock and Chesterfield to name just a few.
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Why Milestone Builders?

Timed Served
Tried, tested and trusted
When you’re looking for an architect, you need someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. Our team has worked on architecture and building projects throughout Sheffield for over two decades, with plenty of happy customers to vouch for us.
Local team
How else can we put it? We’re from your neck of the woods. While it might seem trivial, that gives us unrivalled knowledge of local contractors and suppliers. It also means we’re just down the road if you need any help or a quick chat in person.
Bespoke designs
With Milestone Builders, there’s no vested interest. Everything we do is tailored to what’s right for you and the best way to achieve your ultimate living space. Whether it’s a versatile extension or a completely new building, we’ll provide the designs you want and need.
Fully costed architecture
We don’t do pie in the sky designs. Combining architecture expertise with much-needed knowledge of building materials and methods, we can create designs that are practical and work within your budget.
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If you’re looking for Architects in Sheffield, Milestone Builders are here to help. Our architectural design services will deliver designs that balance practicality, style and cost so you can move forward with your exciting new project. When you are ready, we'd love to hear from you.
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