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Inspirational Basement Ideas

Inspirational Basement Ideas

We’ve put together this short video of inspirational basement ideas to give inspiration for a basement conversion…..or should we say ‘man cave’.

Let us know what you think.

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Basement Ideas for the Ultimate Man Cave

Basement Ideas for the Ultimate Man Cave

Every man out there cannot deny that they would love their very own ‘man cave’, here are some great ideas for a basement conversion into the ultimate ‘man cave’.

Converting your cluttered basement is an ideal place to create this space for the ultimate ‘man cave’ or dad’s pad.

Games room

We all know how much men love playing games.  Converting a basement into a games room complete with pool table, mini fridge, bar, pinball machine or arcade game is a dream room that every man would love to spend time in.

Inviting the guys round for drinks after a hard week at work is the perfect end to the week.

Cinema room

To create the perfect cinema room you would require a projector, a projector screen/widescreen tv and a comfortable place to sit.

This is the perfect place for the lads watching the football match on a Saturday afternoon with a few beers or time with the family watching a film on a Sunday afternoon.


The biggest challenge for certain people is just turning up especially on these cold winter evenings and after a hard day at the office.

Why not convert the space into a multi functioning high technology gym – the perfect way to get fit and tone up the body.  No need to pay a gym membership. Get fit in the comfort of your own home.

Consider the right flooring, lighting and of course air circulation.  An overhead fan is a great idea or splash out with air conditioning.  Using mirrors, bright bold colours and selecting the right equipment for yourself is also important.


Creating a beverage area in a way that will be comfortable for family and friends can be a hard decision.

Must have bar requirements could be –

  • Fridge
  • Plenty of glasses
  • Large selection of drinks
  • Beer keg
  • Bar stools (in the view of a widescreen tv to keep the men happy)

It’s the perfect way to spend an evening with the lads watching a football match whilst drinking your favourite drink.

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Basement Conversion Completed in Sheffield

Basement Conversion Completed in Sheffield

We’ve been working really hard the last couple of months to complete a stunning basement conversion for our customer in the Sheffield area.

We have worked closely with our customers to create their dream basement conversion which will enhance their lives by giving them extra, much needed space.

In total our highly experienced craftsmen and women removed 80 tonnes of soil, installed 3 tonnes of steel and worked with the finest materials to create 70sqm of under ground luxury.

We installed bespoke oak finished large folding doors, oak wooden doors and accented finishes as well as complimentary decoration and flooring to complete the minimalist Malaysian style.

Not forgetting the modern touches such as lighting on the staircase and the high tech home cinema system!

The hard work, excellent project management, attention to detail and communication with our customer to deliver their dream basement conversion has created a large music and cinema room, guest bedroom and bathroom.

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Making Room for a Family

Making Room for a Family

It can’t be denied that making room for a family can seem such a challenging prospect.  You’ve either just found out that you are expecting, or your  growing brood have nearly broken out of your existing home setup.

Either way you’re probably thinking of how to not only get the extra space in your beloved home, but to improve, enhance and create an extra space that exceeds your dreams.

  1. Most people will think of a house extension when expanding their home.  Most go for a single extension with a loft conversion or a double extension to give them both the extra living and bedroom space.
  2. Alternatively due to Sheffield terraced houses and cottages having limited land surrounding their home, to ensure they don’t loose their gardens and with the bonus of having a disused, damp basement, we are finding that many customers convert their basements as well as making use of their loft for an extra bedroom with ensuite.
  3. Other customers on a slightly more strict budget opt for either a loft or basement conversion.

Whichever option you choose Milestone can help develop your ideas to create an amazing space to enhance your life and add value to your home.

The uses of these rooms have been vast, from home cinema room, recreational room, kitchen/diner and master bedrooms. We’ve created craft rooms for the super crafty and home libraries for the eager book worms.

Whatever your use of the extra space, our team of experienced tradesmen and women have a vast amount of skills together with the experience to create you what you require to give the ultimate WOW factor.

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Urban Home Renovation and Basement Conversions

Urban Home Renovation and Basement Conversions

In an age where space is at a premium, the newest trend in urban home renovation is the basement conversions, allowing a homeowner to increase the square footage of their home without increasing their plot size or reducing the size of their garden. Basement excavations and constructions can provide an extra floor of living space and with modern construction techniques a basement can become a bright, warm and airy heart of your home. An increasing number of us are transforming this previously wasted space into an awe inspiring kitchen or living area, whilst those seeking to create a real luxury addition to their home are opting for basement ideas such as home cinemas, gyms and spas, man caves or pool rooms.

What type of home is suitable for a basement conversion?

A basement conversion is particularly suitable for urban homes on small plots and can offer the perfect solution for extending a terraced or semi-detached urban home. Whilst it is typically more costly to convert a basement than to complete a loft conversion or extension, for those that have already completed these renovations or where even more space is required, extending below ground can be the best option. The best candidates are homes with an existing cellar and it is just a case of deepening or expanding the existing space. If you don’t have a cellar, a retro-fit basement can be created but a project of this magnitude will require additional time and money.

What room should I turn my basement or cellar into?

The proximity of the basement conversion to the living areas and internal infrastructure of the house make it ideal for additional living, recreational and utility rooms. It can also lend itself well to creating an entirely separate, self-contained annexe or apartment. If you’re just extending your house for some extra space to play with, the basement ideas you could have are the stuff of dreams: home gyms, snooker rooms, wine cellars, home bars and indoor swimming pools are among the most exciting uses.

How should I tackle a basement conversion?

The best thing to do is contact a professional to assess how feasible it will be to have a basement conversion or excavation in your home. There’s no point looking at lots of basement ideas if it would actually be structurally impossible to install a basement room. You should also check what permissions and consents you will need before beginning a project like this – a basement conversion can be very disruptive for you and neighbours so you need to make sure you are legally allowed to go ahead with the conversion first. Your chosen contractors will then need to underpin foundations for support, completely waterproof the basement and build in the internal walls. Then, all the finishing touches, staircases, flooring and electrics will need to be completed. Remember to consider internal balconies or mezzanines, as well as light wells and perhaps sunken terraces outside of the basement to introduce as much light as possible.

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Building Regulations

Building Regulations

The Building Regulations are designed to ensure new buildings meet health, safety, welfare, convenience and sustainability standards. They relate to the specifics of how a building should be constructed unlike planning permission which is about the principle of whether development should go ahead or not.

Many jobs in the home need to be notified to and approved as being compliant with Building Regulations by a Building Control Body, either your Local Authority Building Control or a private sector Approved Inspector, unless carried out by installers registered with a Competent Person Scheme who can self certify that their work is compliant. Some examples of notifiable work (not a complete list) are shown below.

Some examples of work that you DO need to tell a Building Control Body about unless you use an installer who is registered with a Competent Person Scheme.

  • installation of a new or replacement heating system or boiler, regardless of fuel type
  • installation of a new or replacement oil tank
  • installation of a bathroom if new plumbing is installed or existing plumbing is altered
  • installation of a fixed air conditioning system
  • addition of a radiator to an existing heating system (may not need notifying in some circumstances)
  • installation of a new or replacement fuse box (or consumer unit) or any new electrical circuit connected to the fuse box, and alterations to electrical installations around a bath or shower
  • replacement of window and door units
  • replacement of roof coverings on pitched and flat roofs

Some examples of work that you DO NOT need to tell a Building Control Body about but you can still use a Competent Person Scheme registered installer.

  • most repairs, replacements and maintenance work (except replacements of combustion appliances, oil tanks, electrical fuse boxes or glazing units, which do need to be notified
  • additional power points or lighting points or any other alterations to existing electrical circuits (except around baths and showers)
  • like-for-like replacements of baths, toilets, basins or sinks

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Salter Lane, Sheffield Basement Conversion Update

Salter Lane, Sheffield Basement Conversion Update

We’ve undertaken Salter Lane, Sheffield basement conversion and have been giving regular updates and keep a regular account of the progress of the build.

Today Michael shares with you a video showing the progress of the conversion and where most of the 160 tonnes of soil has been removed.

It’s been a great job to work on and all involved have worked hard to ensure that our customer were satisfied with the build and progress continuously along the way.

Once it’s finally complete, decorated and looking pretty we will give you a further update.

But for now please check out our video.

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Installing Basement Tanking in Sheffield

Installing Basement Tanking in Sheffield

We’ve currently been working hard on a project in the Sheffield area on installing tanking into a basement conversion.

Each week our team head by our lovely Michael will be giving you regular video updates on how the Sheffield basement conversion is progressing.

This week our team have been hard to install the tanking into a basement where water could be possibly seeping in.

Check out our video on the link below to see Michael’s step by step guide.

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Sheffield basement conversion update

Sheffield Basement Conversion Update

We’ve currently been working hard on a project in the Sheffield area on a basement conversion.

Over the coming weeks our team head by our lovely Michael will be giving you regular video updates on how the Sheffield basement conversion is progressing.

This week our team have been hard at work building walls, removing walls, removing soil and much more.

Check out our video on the link below to see what Michael has to say.

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Basement conversions in Sheffield

Basement Conversions in Sheffield

Transforming homes with luxurious basement conversions in the Sheffield area.

Most homes in the Sheffield area are blessed with lots of space underground in the form of damp and dirty basements that have never been used, are only used to store items or for items that are no longer used and that actually need to be taken to the skip.

Milestone have been undertaking basement conversions in the Sheffield area for many years, creating incredible luxurious rooms for all the family to enjoy with the added bonus of adding value to your property.

Some of the basement conversions we have undertaken have included one or all of the following; cinema room, music room, modern and stylish kitchens and even self contained apartments.

From extra space for grown up children, self contained flats for live in parents to modern office spaces, the list is endless to the uses a basement can have and the enjoyment you and your family can have from having the extra space.

Plus, if you are thinking of moving home to acquire more living space, this could be an ideal solution rather than moving home.

From start to finish Milestone basement conversions in the Sheffield area are one of the best ways to transform your home and add value to your property and acquire extra living space.

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