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A Beginner’s Guide To Kitchen Extensions – 3 Key Challenges (1)

A Beginner’s Guide to Kitchen Extensions – 3 Key Challenges

Kitchens have long been considered the most important room in any home – both in terms of value and day-to-day use. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that kitchen extensions are so sought-after.

But they don’t come without their challenges. In this post, we’ll explore three of the main challenges involved in building your perfect kitchen extension – and how professional building consultants can help you overcome them.

1. Combining form and function

With cooking, washing and, in many cases, dining taking place in the kitchen, it’s without a doubt the most functional room in the house. That said, for a room you spend so much time in, you obviously want it to look good too.

Therein lies one of the most important challenges for any kitchen extension – finding the right balance between practicality and aesthetics. The best approach is to get a clear idea of what you want from your kitchen from the get-go.

Where do you want key fixtures such as the hobs, sink and plug sockets for your appliances? Do you want a kitchen island? Will your kitchen extension have a dining room too? You can then work with professional architectural designers to create plans that combine the best of both worlds.

2. Maximising space

The second major challenge is maximising space. With so much going on in your kitchen, you want it to be as spacious as possible. However, that needs to be done without eating away at your garden space or compromising on the rest of your home.

This is another area where we can add real value. With a wealth of experience designing kitchen extensions, we’ll be able to recommend small changes to things like lighting, entranceways and built-in appliances that make the design more efficient without compromising on your dream kitchen.

3. Managing the build

The final challenge comes with organising the construction of your kitchen extension. As a highly functional room, kitchen extensions require a wide range of specialist contractors to complete the job. Plumbers, electricians, joiners, plasterers, bricklayers, decorators – the list goes on.

Needless to say, managing all of this yourself can be stressful. You’ll need to find reputable contractors for each part of the job and manage the schedule from start to finish, making sure each company or tradesperson completes their work on time – and to the right standard. Any delays or problems and your kitchen extension could be thrown off track.

Thankfully, there is another way…

The Milestone Method

Milestone Builders is a team of kitchen extension experts, combining architectural vision with a wealth of construction expertise. Using our tried-and-tested Milestone Method, we can design, plan and manage your kitchen extension to eliminate the hassle and get you the best quality for your budget.

From consultation and designs to tendering and construction management, we’ll be there every step of the way to make your dream kitchen extension a reality. Find out more about the Milestone Method or contact our team to discuss your kitchen extension.

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