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House Renovation in Sheffield - Update

We've had a surge of customers requesting house renovation in and around the Sheffield area.  Everyone wants a piece of our awesomeness.

Therefore we thought we'd give you a little taster of the progress already made 4 days in to the renovation of a house in Sheffield.

Our team work amazingly well, ensure that when they leave each day, the mess you see is tidied away, tools are packed up and everything is made safe until the next day.

This has resulted in, time and time again, our customers saying how fantastic our service is and we have to agree 😉

Anyway, back to the video, in this our very own Yorkshire born and bred lad Michael takes you around the site as it currently stands showing you all the chimney breasts that have been taken out, the central wall has been removed, ceiling secured, units knocked out and the central pillar removed ready for the folding doors to be installed.......and all in just 4 days! Go Team Milestone.

As always please feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts.

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