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Loft Conversion Ideas

Whether you want your newly converted loft to be a relaxing retreat or a productive home office, these loft conversion ideas will give you the inspiration you need.

Maybe you need a hobby room, or an office, perhaps your home would benefit from a new bedroom. It seems logical to leave the rest of the house as it is, convert the loft, and use this space as the additional room you need. But by taking this approach you are missing an opportunity to re-plan the layout of your home so that it best suits the needs of your family.

For example, if you wish to use the extra space as a games room, or playroom, you may prefer to position this on the ground floor, where you are able to keep a closer eye on your children, and move an existing home office up into the converted loft space.

Similarly if you are gaining a guest bedroom from the loft conversion, consider the possibility of using the loft for living space, and positioning the guest bedroom downstairs, where it is easier for older relatives to access.

Whatever loft conversion ideas you have for your home, it is important you define the purpose of the space at the first stage of the project, as all building and decoration plans will be based on this.

Mind Your Head

If you have restricted head height in your loft space, here are two popular loft conversion ideas to give you the space you need:

i) Lower the ceiling height in the room beneath the loft space to gain extra head height in the conversion.
ii) Instead of carrying out a full loft conversion, remove the ceiling and install a mezzanine floor.

Built In Storage

Most loft conversions result in a quirky space with some odd nooks and crannies. Make the most of every square inch by paying extra for bespoke furniture. It will help give the room a seamless, uncluttered look, and will maximise the useful space yielded from the conversion.

Decorating Your Loft Conversion

When planning the decor of your loft conversion, one of the first things you need to decide is how to deal with the wall / ceiling meeting points. Depending on the shape of your conversion you are likely to have sloping walls in the eaves which are neither wall nor ceiling. If you paint them a dark colour they can feel small and oppressive, but painting them white is boring and can feel like the ceiling is too close.

Picking a warm neutral colour to use throughout the room, on walls and the ceiling is a good way to avoid this problem. You can then add interest with a vibrant wallpaper on a taller wall, with a quirky carpet, or vibrant textiles. Look out for more loft conversion ideas on Pinterest, where you can see the decor and storage solutions other people have used in their homes.

Let There Be Light

A single ceiling pendant lamp will be woefully inadequate, so spend some time researching loft conversion ideas for lighting. Spotlights work well if you have a large area of flat ceiling to position them on. Alternatively, look into small wall lights, or spotlights that can be recessed into the skirting boards.

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