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Making Room for a Family

It can't be denied that making room for a family can seem such a challenging prospect.  You've either just found out that you are expecting, or your  growing brood have nearly broken out of your existing home setup.

Either way you're probably thinking of how to not only get the extra space in your beloved home, but to improve, enhance and create an extra space that exceeds your dreams.

  1. Most people will think of a house extension when expanding their home.  Most go for a single extension with a loft conversion or a double extension to give them both the extra living and bedroom space.
  2. Alternatively due to Sheffield terraced houses and cottages having limited land surrounding their home, to ensure they don't loose their gardens and with the bonus of having a disused, damp basement, we are finding that many customers convert their basements as well as making use of their loft for an extra bedroom with ensuite.
  3. Other customers on a slightly more strict budget opt for either a loft or basement conversion.

Whichever option you choose Milestone can help develop your ideas to create an amazing space to enhance your life and add value to your home.

The uses of these rooms have been vast, from home cinema room, recreational room, kitchen/diner and master bedrooms. We've created craft rooms for the super crafty and home libraries for the eager book worms.

Whatever your use of the extra space, our team of experienced tradesmen and women have a vast amount of skills together with the experience to create you what you require to give the ultimate WOW factor.

If you would like a FREE quote please do not hesitate to contact our lovely team for a design consultation.

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