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Uses of a Loft Space

With either house prices dropping, affordability of buying a new property increasing or the change in circumstances, home owners are finding it extremely hard to meet the needs of their family.

Today we are looking at the use of loft conversions and what the advantages can bring with each idea;

  • Craft Corner - if you have a crafty family and are sick of the sewing machine being stuffed in a corner, endless amounts of paint pots strewn all over the kitchen table by the children, pieces of cut up paper scattered over the living room floor, then consider converting your loft into a 'craft corner'. Not only will it give you the added space your family needs to undertake these enjoyable tasks but it will also free up space in the rest of the house by doing so.......and not forgetting the added value to your property.
  • Games Room - most children (and some adults) have a large amount of toys, the bulky toys such as football table, snooker table and even the small Wii can take up a large amount of space when in use.  By utilising your loft area into a well equipped games rooms you inadvertently release space in the rest of the house whilst providing a games room whereby everyone can enjoy the facilities freely available.

Don't forget that in either of the above mentioned, you could also create sub sections such as mini office space, home library and a mini cinema dependent on how big the space is.

  • Master Bedroom - To have the tranquil space to sleep, recuperate and relax is very important in this busy world. Therefore why not create a master bedroom with en-suite whereby, with growing children or teenagers, you can use the 'facilities' freely and the space to relax in peace.

If you would like to organise a design consultation with a member of our experienced and skilled team please give us a call today.  They have a vast amount of information, design knowledge and experience and the skills to develop your dreams.

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