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What Is A Timber Frame Extension?

What is a Timber Frame Extension?

When you want to add more space to your property, you’ll no doubt encounter plenty of different ways to achieve it. One of those is a timber frame extension, which is popular amongst both homeowners and builders. With good reason too.

In this post, we’ll explain how timber frame extensions work and the various benefits on offer.

Introducing timber frame extensions

As the name suggests, a timber frame extension is primarily made up of timber posts, beams and panels. Plasterboard and insulation can then be added to the frame to offer the same appearance as brickwork or blockwork walls.

Most timber frame extensions are stick built, where panels are constructed on site by a joiner. However, they can also be manufactured at a factory for quicker installation. This distinction isn’t always clear cut, as some systems can be partly built off-site with construction finished on site.

They can also differ in whether they use open or closed panels. Open panel timber frames leave the interior side of the panel open for electrical and plumbing work, followed by insulation, before closing the frame with plasterboard. On the other hand, closed-panel timber frames have insulation already fitted with ducts in place for electrical or plumbing work.

Benefits of timber frame extensions

Timber frame extensions offer lots of benefits compared to their brickwork and blockwork counterparts.

Much faster construction

Because timber is much more lightweight and easier to work with, construction of a timber frame is much quicker than a traditionally built extension.

More eco friendly

Using a timber frame reduces the amount of other materials required, which typically have more of an impact on the environment. Concrete is one of the main producers of carbon dioxide, for example, whereas timber is very eco-friendly as long as it’s sustainably sourced.

Higher insulation values

Because the cavity between timber studs can be filled with insulation, timber frame extensions can offer superior insulation values. That means less heat escaping your home, which could save you money on energy bills in the long run. It also adds to their eco-friendly credentials.

Versatile appearance

Once the timber frame is in place, there are a variety of external finishes to choose from. These vary from traditional brick or stone to contemporary render or cladding, so you can really tailor your extension to your home or personal preference.

More cost-effective

The significant reduction in construction time means fewer hours of labour are needed to install a timber frame extension. As a result, they’re typically cheaper overall than traditionally built extensions.

Planning your timber frame extension

Timber frames are the optimal choice for a number of extension projects. They may well be the best choice for your house extension too. If you’re considering a timber frame extension for your house in or around Sheffield, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Milestone Builders.

Our local team of builders can guide you through your options and help you make an informed decision on the best type of extension for your home. We’ll then use our tried-and-tested Milestone Method to get the maximum value out of your budget and turn your dream extension into a reality.

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