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What Is Interior Architecture?

What is Interior Architecture?

Interior architecture is an important aspect of any building. Put simply, it refers to the layout and design of a building’s interior. But what factors should you consider? And how do you get it right? Read on as we take a closer look…

Architecture – for interiors

Most people are familiar with architecture as the practice of designing buildings and structures. This usually refers to the shapes, methods and materials that you can see from the outside. It conjures images of the Sydney Opera House, the Shard in London or even the Colosseum in Rome.

But it rarely makes you think of a building’s interior. Despite much more attention being given to some buildings’ exteriors, it’s the inside that matters the most on the majority of projects – especially your new kitchen or extension. That’s where interior architecture comes into play.

Interior architecture is the practice of designing the interior structure and layout based on functionality, appearance and of course safety. As well as making it look good, you need to make a building’s interior suitable for its purpose. In many cases, this goes beyond ‘kitchen’ or ‘lounge’, taking into account the preferences and lifestyle of those who will be using it.

So, is it interior design?

After reading that it’s architecture for interiors, many people will assume interior architecture is pretty much interchangeable with interior design. However, it’s much more than that.

Interior design focuses solely on aesthetics. It’s about using the right colours, lighting and materials to make a space look perfect. It usually applies to an existing space too.

Interior architecture goes beyond this. The aim is to tailor a space from the ground up to suit your every need. Open plan or closed spaces? How high do you want the ceilings? Where is the best place for doors in each room? These are all small but significant factors which contribute to building your dream living space.

How to get your interior architecture right

The best interior architecture uses detailed design to tailor spaces to your lifestyle and your family. It goes beyond what’s the most popular right now and homes in on what you actually want.

For example, are large open plan space really right for you, or are you more of a small snug, open fire couple?

Do you really want an open kitchen-diner or would you prefer a traditional set up with a separate space for the busy kitchen and peaceful dining room?

In many cases, the answer might be yes, I do want an open plan space or kitchen-diner. That’s not a problem. What’s important is that the design and layout of a building is focused solely on the people using it – you.

Architectural design that ticks every box

At Milestone Builders, we combine architectural vision and expertise with invaluable construction experience to provide architectural design services for both the interior and exterior of your home.

Whether it’s a kitchen extension or a new-build house, we’ll work to your requirements, preferences and budget to design a space that works for you – inside and out.

To find out more or brief us on your project, feel free to contact our local Sheffield team.

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