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Basement Ideas for the Ultimate Man Cave

Basement Ideas for the Ultimate Man Cave

Every man out there cannot deny that they would love their very own ‘man cave’, here are some great ideas for a basement conversion into the ultimate ‘man cave’.

Converting your cluttered basement is an ideal place to create this space for the ultimate ‘man cave’ or dad’s pad.

Games room

We all know how much men love playing games.  Converting a basement into a games room complete with pool table, mini fridge, bar, pinball machine or arcade game is a dream room that every man would love to spend time in.

Inviting the guys round for drinks after a hard week at work is the perfect end to the week.

Cinema room

To create the perfect cinema room you would require a projector, a projector screen/widescreen tv and a comfortable place to sit.

This is the perfect place for the lads watching the football match on a Saturday afternoon with a few beers or time with the family watching a film on a Sunday afternoon.


The biggest challenge for certain people is just turning up especially on these cold winter evenings and after a hard day at the office.

Why not convert the space into a multi functioning high technology gym – the perfect way to get fit and tone up the body.  No need to pay a gym membership. Get fit in the comfort of your own home.

Consider the right flooring, lighting and of course air circulation.  An overhead fan is a great idea or splash out with air conditioning.  Using mirrors, bright bold colours and selecting the right equipment for yourself is also important.


Creating a beverage area in a way that will be comfortable for family and friends can be a hard decision.

Must have bar requirements could be –

  • Fridge
  • Plenty of glasses
  • Large selection of drinks
  • Beer keg
  • Bar stools (in the view of a widescreen tv to keep the men happy)

It’s the perfect way to spend an evening with the lads watching a football match whilst drinking your favourite drink.

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Basement Conversion Completed in Sheffield

Basement Conversion Completed in Sheffield

We’ve been working really hard the last couple of months to complete a stunning basement conversion for our customer in the Sheffield area.

We have worked closely with our customers to create their dream basement conversion which will enhance their lives by giving them extra, much needed space.

In total our highly experienced craftsmen and women removed 80 tonnes of soil, installed 3 tonnes of steel and worked with the finest materials to create 70sqm of under ground luxury.

We installed bespoke oak finished large folding doors, oak wooden doors and accented finishes as well as complimentary decoration and flooring to complete the minimalist Malaysian style.

Not forgetting the modern touches such as lighting on the staircase and the high tech home cinema system!

The hard work, excellent project management, attention to detail and communication with our customer to deliver their dream basement conversion has created a large music and cinema room, guest bedroom and bathroom.

If you would like a free design consultation please get in touch.

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Reliable Builder in Sheffield

Reliable Builder in Sheffield

You’ve probably seen all the horror video’s or even experienced first hand some shocking workmanship from cow boy builders and therefore finding a reliable builder in Sheffield can seem like mission impossible.

Milestone pride themselves on customer satisfaction as well as delivering an outstanding service from start to finish.

It’s vital to find a builder in your area, or surrounding areas, that provide a clear, competitive price as well other equally important information you should consider.

Here’s our list to help you when deciding on a reliable builder in Sheffield;

  1. Speaking with friends and family can be a great starting point. Seeing any building works that they have had undertaken and asking them their opinion on the builder that they used and ask them if they would use them again.
  2. If approaching your builder without any previous recommendations ask them if they have any references that you can check out.
  3. Ask for the builders experience and qualifications.
  4. Ask to see their current insurance certificates.
  5. Check whether the builder uses subcontracts.
  6. How do they communicate with you throughout the project? Do they use a project management system that offers clear communication and budget information like Milestone?
  7. Make sure they provide a detailed quote, more information the better and how long is their quote guaranteed for?
  8. Draw up a contract if the work is substantial or if they provide a contract, make sure you look through it properly before signing or better still get legal advice.
  9. Make sure phases and staged payments are agreed up front.
  10. Ask a council inspector to check the work undertaken meets building regulations.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with our team or would like a free design consultation, please get in touch.

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Builders in Sheffield

Builders in Sheffield

We’ve seen more and more customers come to either redesign the layout of their home or renovate their home as well as expand into their loft and basement spaces rather than acquire a builders in Sheffield to merely give them an extension to their existing property. Therefore utilising the space they already have whilst acquiring quality workmanship.

Obviously we are more than obliging to accommodate whatever our customers needs are. That is why time and time again our customers come back to us or refer Milestone to their friends and family. Which is great news!

With a team of experts and skilled design consultants at your fingertips you can be sure that when you contact Milestone your dreams and aspirations will not only be met……but exceeded!

As many of our customers can testify, our team will give you a set price and, unless you add additional attributes to the project, the price will not change.

As well as the above mentioned, our team always endeavour to keep our customers up to date on the progress of their project. You will have access to our project management application specifically for your project whereby you can view and keep up to date on what is being undertaken on your project together with running costs and the progress including the all important question – will it be on target for completion.

All in all a very translucent and customer focused service from the finest builders in Sheffield – Milestone.

For more information, to discuss your requirement or to make a booking consultation – contact our team to day.

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House Extensions Sheffield

House Extensions Sheffield

It’s not a secret that children take up a lot of space, and therefore more and more customers are asking for house extensions in the Sheffield area to accommodate their growing brood.

We have seen a large amount of families asking for our team to design a bespoke family/play room to meet their families needs.

But it is not just play rooms we are asked to design nor is it just designing a room for a state of the art home entertainment centre, we are also asked to design and install custom designed kitchens, home libraries with full length wall bookcases, office spaces with bespoke made integrated storage as well as games rooms with ample storage and even a bar for when the grown ups are entertaining.

We’ve designed and installed mood lighting, underfloor heating, bespoke entertainment centres with integrated and hidden speakers, air conditioning, sky lights and much more.

And because most of these items are custom made for our customers, we have a vast amount of suppliers with which we work with due to their outstanding expertise and quality of products and craftmanship.

If you would like a design consultation to discuss your requirements, call our team today to book a consultation with one of our team.

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Uses of a Loft Space

Uses of a Loft Space

With either house prices dropping, affordability of buying a new property increasing or the change in circumstances, home owners are finding it extremely hard to meet the needs of their family.

Today we are looking at the use of loft conversions and what the advantages can bring with each idea;

  • Craft Corner – if you have a crafty family and are sick of the sewing machine being stuffed in a corner, endless amounts of paint pots strewn all over the kitchen table by the children, pieces of cut up paper scattered over the living room floor, then consider converting your loft into a ‘craft corner’. Not only will it give you the added space your family needs to undertake these enjoyable tasks but it will also free up space in the rest of the house by doing so…….and not forgetting the added value to your property.
  • Games Room – most children (and some adults) have a large amount of toys, the bulky toys such as football table, snooker table and even the small Wii can take up a large amount of space when in use.  By utilising your loft area into a well equipped games rooms you inadvertently release space in the rest of the house whilst providing a games room whereby everyone can enjoy the facilities freely available.

Don’t forget that in either of the above mentioned, you could also create sub sections such as mini office space, home library and a mini cinema dependent on how big the space is.

  • Master Bedroom – To have the tranquil space to sleep, recuperate and relax is very important in this busy world. Therefore why not create a master bedroom with en-suite whereby, with growing children or teenagers, you can use the ‘facilities’ freely and the space to relax in peace.

If you would like to organise a design consultation with a member of our experienced and skilled team please give us a call today.  They have a vast amount of information, design knowledge and experience and the skills to develop your dreams.

Making Room for a Family

Making Room for a Family

It can’t be denied that making room for a family can seem such a challenging prospect.  You’ve either just found out that you are expecting, or your  growing brood have nearly broken out of your existing home setup.

Either way you’re probably thinking of how to not only get the extra space in your beloved home, but to improve, enhance and create an extra space that exceeds your dreams.

  1. Most people will think of a house extension when expanding their home.  Most go for a single extension with a loft conversion or a double extension to give them both the extra living and bedroom space.
  2. Alternatively due to Sheffield terraced houses and cottages having limited land surrounding their home, to ensure they don’t loose their gardens and with the bonus of having a disused, damp basement, we are finding that many customers convert their basements as well as making use of their loft for an extra bedroom with ensuite.
  3. Other customers on a slightly more strict budget opt for either a loft or basement conversion.

Whichever option you choose Milestone can help develop your ideas to create an amazing space to enhance your life and add value to your home.

The uses of these rooms have been vast, from home cinema room, recreational room, kitchen/diner and master bedrooms. We’ve created craft rooms for the super crafty and home libraries for the eager book worms.

Whatever your use of the extra space, our team of experienced tradesmen and women have a vast amount of skills together with the experience to create you what you require to give the ultimate WOW factor.

If you would like a FREE quote please do not hesitate to contact our lovely team for a design consultation.

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Bungalow Loft Conversion

Bungalow Loft Conversion

Adding a loft conversion to your bungalow can almost double the amount of living space in your home. This sort of addition  adds a lot to the value of your bungalow and provides you with a lot of flexibility in how you arrange your rooms.

Benefits of a Bungalow Loft Conversion

Using your loft space can hugely increase your living space and provide more privacy for guests or a growing family if you choose to turn this space into a bedroom. You could even turn the top floor into a flat for a passive income through renting.

As the cost of moving house increases with estate agent rates, stamp duty, and the cost of removers, adding more space to your home can be a worthwhile investment and an alternative to moving home. Loft conversions can boost property prices by up to a fifth and even help sell the property faster.

Unique Requirements for Bungalows

Bungalow loft conversions are largely the same as standard loft conversions for 2+ storey houses, in that the required headspace and structural integrity are the same. However, if the loft conversion is 4.5 metres or less from ground level, you may have some more flexibility in building.

If your bungalow meets the criteria, you can add an escape window to the loft conversion to make a safe escape from the rooms in case of fire. This means that you do not have to build a protected escape stair to the loft conversion and rooms can be enclosed as long as there is an escape window within each room. This means that you can have open stairs or even a mezzanine, depending on your home and the permissions in your area.

The WOW Factor

If you would like more information or a quotation please get in touch with our team.

10 Loft Conversion Design Ideas

10 Loft Conversion Design Ideas

Adding an extra storey to your home may be easier than you think, especially as some key planning and design rules have changed in recent years………here are 10 loft conversion design ideas, including advice on how to make the most of the floorspace and how to increase natural light.

1. Make room for the stairs

One of the key considerations when designing loft conversions is making sure as little space as possible is sacrificed for the staircase, both in the loft and on the storey below. Where possible, stacking the new flight over the main existing staircase is usually the best option. Where space is especially tight, a spiral staircase can sometimes be a better choice.

2. Add an extra bathroom

The attic is an ideal place for a master bedroom, providing you can find room for an en suite bathroom. And if you can, squeeze in a dressing area, too. If your budget is too tight for now, try to put in the plumbing ready for a future addition.

3. Retain your privacy

Velux windows can be fitted with sliding blinds built in for a neat look. For dormer windows, consider using plantation shutters or pull-down blinds. Roof lanterns may well not need blinds, as there is no privacy issue.

4. Create storage options

Use the eaves space to form cupboards, rather than simply boarding it over. Use any unusual niches or spaces for more storage; bespoke shelves and units are usually the best option to maximise the use of these spaces.

5. Use lighting to create an atmosphere

Layer your lighting to create different effects. Use recessed low-energy spotlights in the flat part of the ceiling below the ridge, as shown above, and fit wall sconces on gable-end walls. If you have exposed beams, you can also fit directional spots to these, but try to conceal the light source to prevent glare. Add bedside wall lights or 2amp sockets with a separate switch and, finally, fit dimmer switches for atmosphere.

6. Make the space multifunctional

Design your loft to double up as an occasional guest bedroom, with flexible furniture such as a sofa-bed or a fold-down design.

7. Soundproof the floors

Avoid wooden floors, or cushion them, to avoid causing problems for those below. Always add plenty of insulation into the new floor and, if the use of the new room means that noise could be a big issue, try sound-deadening materials, too.

8. Bring in natural light

Include as many windows as possible to maximise natural daylight. A bank of standard rooflights can make a spectacular feature window. You could have fixed double-glazed units fitted between a section of the roof’s rafters to form one large expanse of glazing.

9. Board the ceiling with wood

You don’t have to plaster the ceiling – a boarded finish can have create a rustic, Scandinavian or New England style, depending on how it is finished. Tongue-and- groove softwood boards are widely available and an inexpensive choice.

10. Decorate effectively

Where you have sloping walls/ceilings, paint them in the same colour as the ceiling. Where the sloping element is extensive, paint the whole room the same colour or, for a modern look, use close tints of the same colour to exaggerate the architectural form. Paler shades are best to enhance the feeling of light.

We Love Our Customers

We Love Our Customers

Quiet simply – We Love Our Customers! We love how they react to our projects upon completion.

Our team always ensure that a project is managed exceptionally well from start to finish. Even the little aspects that some builders take for granted, like cleaning up each day, communication with the customer as well as completing on time and in budget is why time and time again Milestone customers come back to us.

From the outset we ensure regular communication and our customers vision are accomplished and where necessary add little touches that make the overall finish give the WOW factor.

We’re very unique in the communication field as we operate a project management online portal system which we give our customers access too. This ensures that our customers can see the progress of their project as well as the budget, comments, notifications etc. This has proven to be highly successful with our customers as they feel they are in control of what is happening at any given time and also gives them the confidence that their project is progressing well throughout.

As well as this fabulous project management portal our customers can be sure that each and every day, the site/your home is left clean and tidy to avoid disruption to your lives as much as possible.

At the end of the day we want to enhance your life by creating a home you can be proud of with minimal disruption.

Still in doubt? Check out our recent video below or get in touch.

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