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At Milestone Builders, our goal is simply to get you the best results. Everything is tailored to your requirements and preferences – getting the absolute most out of your budget.
To achieve that, we use our tried-and-tested Milestone Method.

What is the Milestone Method?

The Milestone Method is a pioneering approach to the design and build process.
Rather than isolating different skillsets, we believe that architects and builders can work together to produce outstanding results. Results that pair form and function without making your budget explode.

That’s why our team combines architectural expertise and vision with construction know-how and experience. After designing the build and planning the work, we manage the entire process so there’s no added hassle or unexpected costs on your end.

Here’s how it works…
Step 1

Getting to know you

You appoint Milestone to design and manage your project. Once you’ve completed a short questionnaire, we’ll review your budget and vision, assess the practicalities and feasibility, then discuss your options. That includes our honest advice on any plans you have already.

We charge 20% of your budget. In return, we’ll save you money compared to the traditional building method, maximise the value of the completed build and take away the hassle by managing everything. That fee is fixed from the word go, so our only interest is getting the best quality for you.
Step 2


We design from an architectural and construction point of view to ensure what is drawn is achievable on the ground. That’s all done with your budget in mind. So, rather than “here’s the cost, take it or leave it”, we give you the best design possible for the budget you have – increasing the built value of the project. 

Our plans include itemised costings for each element of the project and how they affect the price. You’ll be able to see which parts of your design can be tweaked to stay within budget and tailor it to your preferences. Working with you, we’ll be able to advise on pros and cons of every change based on a cost-to-benefit ratio.
Step 3


After outlining all the work that needs to be done, we’ll get an independent Quantity Surveyor report on the project. That gives you a non-biased cost for each part of the job and makes sure everything is accounted for, before we work to minimise costs, maximise quality and increase the overall value of your project.
Step 4

Project Management

Our team will work as your representative, tendering the project to our trusted suppliers and contractors. This is where the real value kicks in. We can find you the lowest price for every part of your project without any compromise on the results.

From your initial vision to the breath-taking final build, the process will be completely stress free for you. Our team will be on your side, representing you to make sure everything runs smoothly.
Step 5

Construction Management

Sit back and relax. We’ll manage the whole build and installation. Everything is done to a set programme on a strict schedule. Best of all, having contracts with each sub-contractor means everyone working on the job is tied in and fully accountable for their work.
Step 6

Lifetime Support

Finally, the all-important results. Your dream has become a reality, on budget – if not under! Stepping into your stunning new home, living space or kitchen is a moment you’ll never forget. But that’s just the first of countless precious memories in your new flawless surroundings.

You’ll get a project pack with all the contracts, warranties and insurance documents for your protection. That’s paired with the reassurance that we’re on hand to help with any issues or concerns after the build is completed.
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Milestone Builders Guide
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guide to the milestone method

The pioneering Milestone Method is our roadmap to outstanding results at the lowest price. If you want to find out more about how we can maximise the value of your project, download our Milestone Method guide for a more in-depth explanation.
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